Épurer l’épuration

In the middle of a green clearing, a ribbed wooden cylinder is placed on a circular pool of clear water. A walkway takes visitors across the water, a symbol of the site’s activity.

A planted phytosanitary border forms a green fringe around a structure that is deformed into the shape of a water droplet. This autonomous and isolated building is built around a latest generation control room that is the real nerve centre of the site.

The wooden slats of the facade give the project a vibrant texture. Light and shadows, opacity and transparency provide animation that highlights the presence of a sensitive and intelligent building. This assembly provides users with the spatial, technical and ergonomic qualities they need to carry out their work. In line with the legitimate role of the site as a benchmark operator in the environmental landscape and the world of water, the Seine Aval PCCU project plays a significant part in an environment where the scale of the installations and the existing buildings broadly dominates the future facilities.