Philéas today

Philéas is a «whole programme» agency. It addresses transport infrastructure, technical buildings, schools, housing and company headquarters with the same attention to quality and modularity of spaces, views and lighting.
Generally, the agency seeks to transform technical constraints into adaptable value-added and sets up implicit interactions between its buildings and the city by a play of reflections, refractions, perspectives and openings that transform them into contemporary objects at the crossroads of architecture, art and design.
Atelier Phileas has a team of 25 members: 3 associate architects, 18 architects, 1 interior designer, 1 head of communication, 1 office manager and 1 assistant.
All the projects are developped with BIM process.
Sustainibility is integrated into the conception process, thanks to the 2 PLAN02 ingineers.
Since 2008, Anne-Charlotte has also been the consultant architect to the MIQCP (Interministerial Mission for the Quality of public buildings) and Julien is a member of the Councils of State Architects (seconded to the Haute Vienne).

1964, 1965, 1966
birth of Dominique, Anne-Charlotte and finally Julien.

First meeting at UP 7 (University of Paris Tolbiac)- first student competitions (BMW, Pan University, Butagaz etc…)

1990, 1991 et 1992
French Architecture Diploma DPLG - First professional experience in Parisian agencies.

Creation of Workshop Philéas, design of the harbour ferry station of Barneville-Carteret, first professional award-winning competition.

1993 à 1996
Construction of the harbour ferry station, design of a couple small projects (residential apartments and houses), and few lost competitions.

1996 à 2000
First « major » competition won: the University of Boulogne-sur-Mer (IUT) and the toll highway of Quetteville.
First public clients such as the ministry (Economy and fnance, foreign affairs, interior), the region and some local authority.
First paragovernmental clients: EDF, GDF, France Telecom

Foundation and Creation of the collective PLAN 01 with “Atelier du Pont”,
“KOZ” and the “BP architecture”. This group of ten architects intend to work and research on architecture.

2000 to 2004
Workshop Phileas develops and structures, puts together and complete it\u2019s work method (developpement of economic analyse, integration of methods such as sustainable design (HQE) and management accounting. In addition, we have composed a technical team within our space, with 4 specialised engineers (structure and fluid).
The studio work on projects with high technical and/or economic constraint, but also develops creative projects with a more conceptual approach.

Foundation of the collective FRENCH TOUCH with a team of Workshops: Périphériques, P.Gazeau, Beckmann-N’Thépé, ECDM, Brenac et Gonzales,
Hamonic et Masson etc...This association of twelve architecture offces shares the desire to act, to take a stance in their work, in their milieu, and to create events in connection with their day-to-day production. They want to influence and come to bear collectively on the key relationships that govern their environment.

Foundation and Creation of PLAN 02 with the members of the collective Plan01. Plan02 is a green building and sustainable policies office.

Phileas is embarking on the BIM digital revolution. All the projects are designed with a collaborative and smart 3D model.